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Metal and other materials can be cut seamlessly with laser tube cutting machine. After programming the machine, the machine can be widely used in customized cutting operations.

Laser beam is the basis of laser tube cutting. Laser is usually used in communication engineering because it can carry a lot of information, there is no electromagnetic interference and no signal leakage. When applied to metal cutting, its advantages of high energy density and narrow beam are reflected.

One of the biggest advantages of using laser cutting machine is that it can perform complex cutting faster than other machines. For example, drilling holes and cutting various shapes and sizes of pipes. In addition, laser cutting can provide a good cutting section, and there is no need to do secondary treatment in subsequent welding, which is also applicable in the cutting of thin-walled and thick-walled pipes. Because of the improvement of modern laser cutting machine, the industrial manufacturing application of small diameter pipe has been greatly accelerated.

Laser tube cutting uses computer aided design software for graphic design and import into the cutting machine operating system, which can automatically cut and maximize the speed of manufacturing projects. Usually, a database is included in the operating system, and the key information includes the material type, thickness and geometry of the tube.

With the continuous progress of technology in all industries, the demand for pipes is increasing, and the processing technology is also developing day by day. After the development of pipe laser cutting machine, it has brought great convenience to the processing of pipes.

ACME intelligent automatic feeding and cutting machine is suitable for mass production of all kinds of pipe, which improves work efficiency.

When cutting, you only need to manually put the pipe on the feeding rack, and the electric machine will automatically send the pipe to the cutting waiting area in neat arrangement in accordance with the order. During cutting, the system will automatically put the pipe on our servo supporting material.

Continuous automatic feeding, automatic cutting, the time between each action can be adjusted to the best requirements.

Catherine, our sales director, just sold two of them last month, and received unanimous praise from foreign customers. The excellent processing system and simpler and faster operation can ensure orderly processing, and ACME is your reliable choice.

At present, the company's core hot-selling laser pipe cutter is widely used in sports equipment, automobile manufacturing, steel and wood furniture, medical equipment, architectural decoration, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, elevator equipment and other fields.

With good customer reputation and continuous improvement of products, the market recognition of the company's products has been on the rise, and the company is marching toward the goal of "becoming a global leader in laser tube processing".