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ACME Automatic Tube Laser Start Working In Customer Factory

After a week of installation and training, the fully automatic pipe cutting machine, which represents our highest production technology, has now started working in customer workshops for elevator manufacturing.

This machine is equipped with:
1.Automatic Tube Feeding and Unloading system
2.Maximum 350mm size big Pneumatic Chucks with auto-centering function
3.Germany Precitec Cutting Head Auto-focusing and Auto height adjustment system
4.Servo floating tube lifter, can following tube up and down, always support tube during tube rotation especially for square and rectangle tubes.
5.CypCut TubePro bus system ensure a high-tech ability for software

It has the following features:
1.1000W to 12000W fiber laser power
2.3-12 meters tube cutting length
3.20--110/170/240/350/450mm various cutting size
4.Ability to cut special-shaped tubes like Angle, Channel steel and I, H beams.

Cutting work shows

We are manufacturer to provide you the best solution for tube laser cutting.