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ACME “awesome” laser cutting machine showing Canton Fair Online

15-19th, October, 2020. The 128th Canton Fair will start Online!

ACME Laser. As professional manufacturer focus on laser cutting, will showing our main product--Tube laser and Sheet metal laser cutting machine.

Tube Laser--Our main advantage

--Basic level LT-6020D. Cheap price, provide the stable cutting performance for basic tube (Round, Square, Rectangle) diameter under 170mm.

--Medium level LT-6020E. Medium price, can cut more longer tube 8m, 10m, support automatic feeding system and special Angle, Channel, I, H beams.

--High level LT-6020S. Equipped high technology: EtherCAT Bus Cutting System, Servo Floating Tube Supporter, Automatic tube feeding and automatic tube unloading system. Strong heavy duty machine body support 12m, 14m, 16m more heavy tubes and I, H beams.

ACME Founded in 2016, it has been deeply engaged in laser and automation field, and now it has become a leading provider of integrated solutions for laser and automation equipment in the industry and a national high-tech enterprise.

Haimstar laser has been paying attention to the fiber laser sheet metal application market, and set up the sheet metal intelligent equipment Business Department.The company provides comprehensive laser automation solutions including laser plate cutting intelligent equipment, laser pipe cutting intelligent equipment and laser automation software.Widely used in construction machinery, construction machinery, light industrial machinery, intelligent home, hutch hardware, electrical equipment, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, petroleum machinery and other industries.