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The plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine is a machine that combines the laser plate cutting machine and the laser tube cutting machine into a single laser head. For those enterprises that have processing requirements for metal sheets and pipes, such an integrated structure machine reduces the occupied area of the machine and can save more working space. At the same time, the integrated structure of the machine reduces line exposure, facilitates troubleshooting, and makes the working environment of the factory cleaner. This kind of machine has relatively low gas consumption and electric power consumption in the processing process, which effectively achieves the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency increase of metal processing enterprises.

This machine uses many unique designs to improve its quality and cost-effectiveness. It has a unique control system so that the fiber laser and laser head are always in a safe working environment. It is also equipped with a wireless control handle to realize remote control of the machine's cutting operation. It also designed a beam with a unique transmission structure for the problem of the running load of the machine drive. During the operation of the laser head, through this precise and reasonable transmission design, a high degree of unification of processing speed and idle speed is realized to a greater extent.

The model combination of laser cutting machine and laser tube cutting machine in the plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine is not fixed. Enterprises can choose their own models and configurations according to their own processing preferences. This kind of machine runs stably and has a high load-bearing capacity of the worktable, which reduces the cost of the machine while ensuring the processing speed and quality, which greatly meets the high-efficiency and high-quality processing requirements of most companies today.