Affordable Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Product Name: Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Port: Qingdao
Fiber Laser Source: 1000W-4000W
Automatic Tube Size: MAX.350mm

Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine Picture:

China Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine


1000W-4000W Fiber Laser Source Heavy Strong Machine Body
Automatic Tube Feeding and Unloading MAX.350mm Size Pneumatic Chuck Auto Centering
CypCut TubePro Bus System PRECITEC Auto-focus Laser Cutting Head
Servo Floating Tube Lifter Can Cut Angle, Channel steel and I, H, beam.
Support Different Tube Shapes and Sizes

Machine Details

Tube Laser Cutting Machine details

Pneumatic Chuck

Auto-centering Function

Maximum 350mm Cutting Size

Back chuck can go through the front chuck to minimize the tail length.

Servo Floating Tube Lifter

Servo Floating Tube Lifter

Following Tube Up and Down to avoid sagging during cutting. Accuracy of machine cutting is improved. 

50mm smallest tailing

Make maximum use of tube

Save your materials

Automatic Tube Loading System

Automatic Tube Loading System

Support different tube shapes and sizes loading at same time

Quite different from bundle loading system. Our system can fit all shapes of tubes and pipes and it is much more faster and stable.

Automatic Tube Unloading System

Automatic Tube Unloading System

Transport and collection tube pieces after cutting


Cutting Samples for many kinds of industries: from mechanical engineering and system construction to the furniture industry, fitness equipment manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, decoration engineering, display shelf, engineering machinery, fire fighting, lighting lamps, medical bed, metal racks etc.

Cutting Samples

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