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Announcing New Products: 12KW High Power! ACME Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The change of 12KW laser to sheet metal processing industry:
First is to promote the different scope of the thickness of the sheet metal cutting processing, in the era of the CO2 laser cutting, laser maximum power limits within the 6000 w, early fiber laser cutting the thickness of the plate is limited to the carbon steel 20 mm of less than, less than 12 mm stainless steel, thicker material or use fine plasma, the cutting or water knife cutting and traditional processing technology.

Million watts fiber laser cutting of sheet metal processing and the first in the field of revolutionary change, is rising in the different thickness of materials can be processed: up to 40 mm aluminum sheets, stainless steel plate can be up to 50 mm, with 12 kw and 15 kw launch of optical fiber laser cutting machine, the thickness of the material cutting limit will continue to be broken, thick plate processing prices could fall further, so will trigger more thick plate laser cutting in the field of application, such as shipbuilding, nuclear power, national defense, etc.A virtuous circle has been formed, and as a result, the application of laser cutting has been further expanded.