Automatic loading system laser tube cutting machine customerizable model

Laser power: 1000W-15000W
Product Name: LT6025EA
Diameter: 16-250mm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
G.W: 6 Ton
Tail: ≥65mm


1.1 Scope of application:

E model laser pipe cutting machine LT-6025EA is mainly used for cutting, modeling and blanking of metal pipes. It is suitable for square pipes, round pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptical pipes, flat elliptical pipes and channel steel with diameters of 16-250mm. , H steel, angle iron, triangular pipe, etc. and other special-shaped pipes and other various metal pipes of any shape.

1.2 Advantages

1. Machine Bed

• Stable and anti-vibration, good rigidity and high precision.

• The bed is specially designed to prevent it from being burnt down by high-power laser.

• Independent research and development of the bed and overall design. The imported

machining center is processed as a whole to ensure that the guide rail surface and rack surface are processed and formed at one time to ensure accuracy.

• Long service life.

1.3 Chuck

Acme Laser independently designs, develops and produces the chuck. It is for small tubes in the industry. The special chuck for laser pipe cutting machines has high efficiency and good stability. With the full servo bus control system, the efficiency is about twice that of ordinary pipe cutting machines.

1.4 Scrap Collection

• A scrap truck is set up at the bottom of the bed to collect scrap from the production process and small parts at any time.

• The equipment is equipped with a front-receiving platform, which can be customized to the customer's needs 3-6 meters of feed-assisted platform.

1. Rails

• Taiwan linear guide, high precision and wear resistance

• Selected special metal materials, high wear rigidity

• Smooth scrolling with a small coefficient of friction minimizes wear and tear

2. Transmission

• Taiwan flanks, 2m oblique teeth, grinding level 6 ensure high-precision motion under a variety of complex conditions.

• The use of state-of-the-art grinding teething process, mass production accuracy is high.

1.5 System

• Acme Laser cloud system, processing can be automatically sought, real-time acquisition of Z-axis information, high-precision processing.

• Highly accurate identifying of processing tubes, simplifying the cutting process and improving processing efficiency.

• Support for three-chuck model, you can do zero-tail processing, saving raw material costs.

• The system can simulate 3D cutting on the computer, effectively restoring the real laser cutting process, improving processing efficiency.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter





Cutting Length



Φ 口 16-250mm

Total Power


Laser Power

1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W





6 Ton

Y Travel


Power Supply


X Travel


G Speed


Z Travel


Front chuck load


X,Y Positioning Accuracy


Feed rate


X,Y Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Control System


Max Rotation Speed




Fiber Laser Source

Work Mode


Laser Power


Auxiliary System

Cooling System

Constant temperature control chiller for laser machine (external connection)

Circuit and protection system

According to CE standard



TubesT Professional Nesting(Option)

Support file format

Solidworks、Pro/e、UG etc.


15 days before the equipment is shipped, provide the customer with the installation layout plan (including the civil works and the water, electricity, gas consumption and piping, interface requirements of the equipment installation).

The equipment is installed in the user's factory, and the user is required to provide enough space, power supply and ventilation system to install the equipment. The installation is installed by our trained engineers. We are responsible for equipment installation and commissioning. The customer is

responsible for the civil work of the equipment installation and the water, air pipe, and power cord are connected to the machine tool designated by our engineer. The pipeline connected to the machine tool is our responsibility, but the user should provide the necessary cooperation and assistance for the equipment installation and commissioning of our engineer .


ACME supplies door to door services all over the world. Charging standards and service processes are as below:

The training time is 3-5 days and is completed in the user's factory. Mainly learn equipment maintenance, operation, laser protection, processing technology, graphic editing, common troubleshooting, etc. The trainees are required to be mechanical, electrical or optical assistant engineers or engineers, understand computer operations, and know SolidWorks drawing. Trainees should pass the assessments on equipment operation, basic laser knowledge, safety protection and maintenance organized by the supplier before they can take up their posts.

(A). Charging standards:

Technician visa fees, domestic travel expenses (including transportation cost occurred during handling documents);

Training and maintenance fees: $150/day/person (take the time of landing and starting off of plane in customer’s country as standard);

International round-trip tickets (reserved and paid by the buyer, and supply the e-ticket information to our company );

Abroad accommodation(arranged and paid by the buyer) (B).Overseas training/maintenance processes:

ACME company will calculate the fees of item 1 and item 2 above, and then inform the buyer. After the buyer pays the fees, ACME company will arrange for the technician to apply for a visa.

We will inform the buyer after the technician gets the visa. The buyer should supply the round-trip ticket information mentioned above in item 3, and arrange accommodation from item 4 after the technician arrives.

Only after getting the approval of ACME company, the buyer can apply for an extension for the training and maintenance. The buyers should pay for the” extend training and maintenance service fees” before the start of the extend service.


12.1 General principles

I 、We are responsible for the maintenance of facilities which are within the Warranty conditions.

II 、Users must keep the machine's integrity and independence during operation. In the following situation, our company will not take any direct, indirect or joint liability. Furthermore, if any

equipment is damaged or there are any losses in either economic or reputation to our company due to the following situation, we, ACME company, reserve the right to investigate any legal liability.

1) Using the equipment in an environment that it was not designed for..

2) Altering the machines privately, including, adding parts, reducing parts, dismounting, using another brand's parts, etc.

3) Human damage or doing operations and maintenance without following the requirements in the instructions.

4) Damage caused by movement or transportation.

On condition of not influencing the machine's performance, our company reserves the right to change the product's specifications and name the products before informing the customer.

Our company is responsible for the quality and performance of the machine we sell. However, we are not responsible for other indirect obligations and responsibilities.

Detailed Principles

Equipment Warranty: 2 years. Calculated from the production date in machine’s nameplate. Specific details are as below:

I Laser module Warranty:

Fiber Laser Source warranty:2 years Fiber Laser Cable: no warranty

(P.S. Laser module’s warranty date calculated from the production date in laser module tag)

II The warranty does not include consumable parts, such as glass mirrors, belts, switches, gas nozzles ,foots/wheels, keys/press boards, etc.

III Warranty of peripheral devices (if the machine has them):

Warranty of peripheral devices is decided by supplier, calculated from the production date in the device’s tag. Maintained by device’s manufacturers as standard, Our company assist maintenance. Peripheral devices including water-chillers, fans ,air compressor etc.(If the machine has them).

Accessories repair and shipping cost

Within the warranty period

For free repair or replacement of accessories, the buyer should bear the shipping costs from their local place to our company if it needs to tested, repaired or replaced.

If the failure cause by the parts’quality after testing(non human factors and use environment etc.), it will be repaired or replaced free of charge, and ACME company will bear the return shipping cost. If the failure doesn’t cause by the parts’quality, the buyer should pay the repair fees and round-trip shipping cost.

P.S. The repaired parts should be returned to our factory. if the buyer is in arrears of spare parts,

ACME company will cancel the warranty terms of the machine).

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