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ACME LASER uses attitude and ingenuity, trades professionalism for trust

1. Before delivery, after-sales personnel will contact customers in advance to understand the site conditions and inform customers of the water, electricity, gas, and tools required for equipment installation.

2. After the machine is shipped, the after-sales personnel will immediately go to the customer's location to guide the customer to unload the truck, check the delivery accessories and other tasks to ensure that the machine is in good condition.

3. After the machine is installed, enter the debugging stage to ensure the normal operation of the machine's various axis motion, pneumatic components, chiller, laser light, and laser head. Then perform trial cutting and save the process parameters.

4. After adjusting each parameter, train the customer's personnel on the use of the machine, including how to use the machine, precautions, vulnerable and consumable parts, handling common problems, how to draw a drawing, how to use nesting software, etc.

5. In the accompanying labor phase, continue to instruct users to use the machine to ensure that users can operate independently to complete production.

6. Complete the after-sales service training, and the customer signs for it.

7. One transaction lifetime service, if you have any questions later, you can contact our after-sales staff at any time, 24 hours online service!