Metal Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Name: ACME
Laser output: 1000w-4000w
Place of Origin: China
Pipe Diameter: 20-320mm

Product Introduction

By using metal pipe laser cutting machine, you can easily optimize the manufacture process. Holes and complex shapes can be cut to specifications in one operation. 

The whole machine is optically transmitted by optical fiber, and does not require complicated light guide systems such as mirrors. The optical path is simple, the structure is stable, and the external optical path is maintenance-free; The cutting head contains protective lenses, which minimizes the consumption of expensive consumables such as focusing lenses; The light is exported through the optical fiber, which makes the design of the mechanical system very simple and easy to integrate with the robot or multi-dimensional workbench; After the laser is added with a shutter, one device can be used for multiple machines, through optical fiber splitting, divided into multiple channels and multiple units working at the same time, easy to expand the function, easy and simple to upgrade; The fiber laser is small in size, light in weight, movable in working position, and small in footprint.

In addition, they boast low power consumption and easy maintenance. 

Technical Parameters 

Product Details

Product Application

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