China Top High-End Professional CNC Tube Fiber Cutting Machine With Automatic Loading System

Model: Economical model
LASER POWER: 1000W-15000W
Electricity Requirements: 380/50.60 V/Hz
Payments: TT , LC , Others
Cutting length: 6m
Cutting material: stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, aluminum
Laser source: MAX/IPG/Raycus

Introduction to machine key points

1. New generation upgraded professional metal tube &pipe fiber laser cutting machine, some details are optimized. More stable, more efficient, accurate and intelligent, many different types of tubes and pipes are available.

2. Patented new design exclusive automatic loading and unloading system, more intelligent, stable and faster, many different types of tubes and pipes are available.

3. The upgraded machine is more responsive and powerful. Quick cutting, making holes, cutting graphics and so on, cutting surface is smoother, no serious scorched, sticky and sediment.

4. With a number of core patent technology, our machine achieve higher processing precision and constant perfect processing quality. Even after five or even ten years, the machine can still maintain high precision.

5. The failure rate is low. With mature patent technology and 15 years of experience, we make sure the machine operation more stable and smoother.

6. Thickened machine bed , no deformation for 20 years, greatly extending the service life of the machine.

Technical Parameters


LT-6025EA Automatic Loading &Unloading High-end Professional Model

Control system

Fscut5000B China

Cutting software

Fscut Tubepro Cutting China

Nesting software

TubesT China

Laser source


Laser head

Raytools autofocus

Water chiller

Hanli China


Shimpo reducer Japan

Rack and gear


Chuck type

2 Automatic Pneumatic Chucks

Main Configurations

China Fscut TubesT Tube Nesting Software

Intelligent Nesting. Supports nesting of various shapes of tubes all at once with minimum waste,help you save more material than other nesting software

Flexible Common Line. Different parts, regardless of applied compensation, can merge common line toolpath in TubesT to reduce cutting times and minimize waste in production

Quick Import. Parts or assemblies(IGS format) of multiple shapes can be imported in TubesT in a one-time operation to improve efficiency

Drawing Modification. To solve the common problems in tube cutting, like through-hole precision and parts-assemble interference, TubesT developed flexible and easy-to-use functions for user to adjust parts drawing

Automatic Sorting. Tube and profiles can finish automatic toolpath sorting by a simple click. For square and round tube, TubesT allows to generate toolpath by tube face sequence or by tube length interval

Nesting report of clear data sheet to facilitate operator manage production schedule.

New Generation Tube Loading-Manual Precise Placement-Automatic Loading

More stable, efficient and easier loading and unloading

It can be customized flexibly according to the length of the customer's metal working and workpiece.

Many different types of tubes and pipes are available( Round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, D pipe, hexagonal pipe etc ) help you save labor and create more profits.

According to different cutting needs, we can do it for customers.

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