CNC laser tube cutting machine exporter

Machine Model: Flat metal sheet LP-3015D
Work table: Two exchange cutting table
Laser Power: 1000W to 15000W
Laser Source: IPG/RAYCUS/MAX.

Product description

China factory 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W 10000W 12000W 15000W IPG Raycus Maxphotonics CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine for Aluminum,Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Sheet laser cutter cheap price.Specialized fast speed cutting of a variety of metal plates, pipes(add pipe cutting device),mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel,galvanized sheet,electrolytic plate,brass,aluminum,steel, various alloy plate,rare metal and other materials.

Technical Data

Machine Model Flat metal sheet LP-3015D
Cutting area 3000x1500mm/other size can customized
Work table Two exchange cutting table
Machine Cover Fully closed protection cover CE standard
Laser Power 1000W to 15000W
Laser Source IPG/RAYCUS/MAX.


IPG, Raycus laser source.

IPG, Raycus lasers has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, higher and more stable optical quality, stronger altitude stress-resisting capacity to ensure more stable and more sophisticated cutting, working life of 100,000 hours.

Laser head.

Integrated body design, dust-proof grade IP65, fully enclosed package light path, flexible adjustment of the scale, unified zero-focus position. Focusing mirrors, colimating mirrors, and nozles alhave a built-in cooling function to solve the problem of cutting heat.

Other machine parts all from top quality supplier, YASKAWA sigma-7 series servo motor, SMC proportional valve, SCHNIDER electrical parts, Automatic self lubrication and so on.


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