CNC square Hollow Section Cutting Machine service

Specification: LT-6020
Bearing Capacity(Both): 500Kg
Guide Rail: HIWIN
Motor Reducer: SHIMPO Japan

Product Introduction

ACME Laser is a manufacturer specializing in the development and production of square tube laser cutting machine. In order to meet the different needs from customers, this kind of square tube laser cutting machine has been launched. LT-6020 is a machine specially used for cutting all kinds of metal pipes, suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminum and other metals.

Technical Parameters 

Model LT-6020
Bearing Capacity(Both) 500Kg
Guide Rail HIWIN
Motor Reducer SHIMPO Japan
Transmission Gear and Rack
Electrical Parts SCHNEIDER France

Product Feature

1. High rigidity heavy chassis, reducing the vibration generated during the high-speed cutting process.

2. Gantry double-drive structure, with imported Germany rack & gear transmission system, which improves the production efficiency.

3. High-performance cast aluminum guide rail, after infinite analysis ,which accelerates the circular arc cutting speed.

4. Open worktable, easy operation and small space occupation.

Product Details

Guide Rail and Rack

Dual rail and rac, world famous imported brand, precision linear guides and imported gear racks.

Fiber Laser Source, use Germany IPG or Raycus Laser, with better performance, ultra-long lifetime for 100,000 hours.


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