Customized Machine LT-6038GC Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product name : LT-6038GC
Chuck diameter : 380mm
Loading system : Yes/ Fully automatic
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Product introduction

Strong machine bed

Strong tolerance, suitable for various shapes of metal pipes, especially heavy pipes;

Aircraft cellular wall-mounted heavy-duty bed;

Priority of Chucks and clamping range

Cutting samples

Why choose machine with three chucks?

The performance of the three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine

The cutting precision is high. The cutting area of the machine tool is composed of three chucks in the front, rear and middle. The middle rotating chuck can prevent the inertial swing of the pipe when it rotates at a high speed, and avoid the impact of the cutting accuracy of the front end due to the swing of the rear end of the pipe.

The three-chuck clamps the pipe at three points, maintains the three-point clamping support at the front, middle and rear of the pipe in real time, and has the function of correcting the bending of the pipe. The relative cutting efficiency of some pipes will be higher than that of the ordinary two-chuck.

For large and heavy pipe, three chucks are recommended

The three chucks move each other to realize cutting of pipes of any length, and maximize the use of the whole pipe to achieve zero tailing

The bus system, with integrated control and three-chuck pulling and cutting functions, promotes faster and more stable cutting performance

It can automatically screen material, powder material, and automatically turn over, which can effectively prevent the shaking of the pipe during the cutting process and effectively improve the cutting accuracy.

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