Full Cover Laser Cutting Machine

Work Table: Two changeable cutting table
Max. Travel Speed: 120m/min
Machine Cover: Fully protection CE
Laser power: 1000W to 15000W

Product description

Laser cutting processing is to replace the traditional mechanical knife with an invisible beam. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting patterns, automatic typesetting, saving materials, smooth cuts, and low processing costs. It will be gradually improved or replaced. Traditional metal cutting process equipment. The mechanical part of the laser cutter head has no contact with the workpiece, and will not scratch the surface of the workpiece during work; the laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, and generally does not require subsequent processing; the cutting heat affected zone is small, the plate deformation is small, and the slit is narrow ( 0.1mm~0.3mm); the incision has no mechanical stress, no shearing burr; high processing accuracy, good repeatability, and no damage to the surface of the material; CNC programming, can process any plan, and can cut large-format whole plates without Opening the mold saves time and economy.

Technical Parameters

Model LP-3015D LP-4020D LP-6020D
Cutting Area 3000x1500mm 4000x2000mm 6000x2000mm
Customized Size Accept, we can make machine cutting size based on your requirement.
Work Table Two changeable cutting table
Machine Cover Fully protection CE
Max. Travel Speed 120m/min
Position Accuracy ±0.03mm
Repeat Accuracy ±0.02mm
Laser power 1000W to 15000W

Product Detail

Heavy machine structure, minimum tensile strength is 200 MPa. High carbon content, compressive strength and hardness. High shock absorption and abrasion resistance. Good casting and cutting performance. Maintain the accuracy of the machine for a long time, no deformation at least for30 years.

CypCut Controller

Functional possibility:

1.Supports three levels of perforation, segmentation or progressive combination

2.Support communication control of most mainstream lasers in the market 

3.Supports basic processes such as flying cutting, leapfrog, compensation, threading, micro-connection, pre-perforation, film


4.Supports capacitor patrol edge, photoelectric, electric focusing, double table, automatic cutting tube cutting, power-off memory

and other advanced functions

5.Advanced technology such as cooling point, sharp corner cutting, release angle, etc.

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