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E Model 3 Chuck Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

E Model 3-chuck Laser Pipe Cutting Machine 3-Chuck-Support


1. Suitable For 16-170mrm Diameter Of Any Metal Pipe

2. ACME Intelligent Operating System

Intelligent operating system, with its own pipe material library,

collection of a variety of pipe technology;

With professional material nesting to achieve what you see is what you get:

Rich cutting function to realize pipe opening hole, cutting, intersecting line cutting and precision cutting of all kinds of special-shaped complex graphics which are difficult to be realized by conventional machining.

3. Three Chucks

This laser tube cutter is an optional customized model with a middle chuck based on the standard LT-6025E. It is especially suitable for small diameter of pipe and industries with high machine cutting. The whole machine length and chuck diameter can be customized according to needs.