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E Model LT-6025EH High Efficiency Automatic Feeding Rack

Hot popular  E model laser tube cutting machine with automatic feeding rack

E model can equipped with semi automatic feeding rack and automatic loading rack, high efficiency , cost-effective, save human resource and costs. 


Technical parameters

1. Conveying material length L≤6200mm (the longest  is 6300mm)

2. Pipe type: closed pipe, square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe and other pipes that are convenient for clamping (open pipes are not allowed)

3. Pipe section size: ≤150x150 (square section)

4. Stack weight: ≤5000kg

5. Number of rows: below 5 tons

6. Maximum dragging speed: ≤8m/min

7. Maximum feeding speed: ≤6.7m/min (extended arm)

8. Loading time: 15 seconds

9. Size: 6768×2314×1842mm

10.Weight: 4.5T

11. Power: 9KW

12. Suitable type: 6m E pipe cutting machine

Attention: The curvature of the profile shall not be greater than 2mm per meter, and the total curvature shall not be greater than 0.15% of the total length (refer to national standards)

Feeding rack partition: pocket area, distribution area, feeding area


1. It can accurately send out each tube, changing from one pile to one row and then one. There are 4 lifting cylinders on the material rack, which are connected together by the same shaft to ensure that a tube is lifted and dropped at the same time.

2. The extension arm is a Z-shaped groove, which can keep the pipe stable and not shake during the process of sending it to the machine.