1000W Fiber Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Model: LT6020
Power: 1000-15000w(Optional)
Accuracy : ±0.1mm
Machine weight : 8T-12T

Product Introduction

2020 new  model fiber tube laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and alloy metal materials etc. It can meet  the parts processing requirements of most industries, working accuracy is stable. At present, laser cutting machines have been widely used in electronics, electrical, mechanical hardware, new energy lithium, packaging, solar, LED, automotive and other industries. Fiber laser is a new type of fiber laser that is newly developed in the world. It outputs high-energy-density laser beam, which is concentrated on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece is instantly melted and vaporized, and the spot is moved by the numerical control mechanical system Realize automatic cutting by irradiating position. Compared with bulky gas lasers and solid-state lasers, it has obvious advantages and has gradually developed into an important candidate in the fields of high-precision laser processing, lidar systems, space technology, and laser medicine.

Technical Parameters

Model LT6020
Power 1000-15000w(Optional)
Max.outside diameter of round tubes(mm) 10-500(Customized to 600)
Max . raw material length (mm) ≤12000
Max. finished part length (mm) 1200
Pipe remain length (mm) 180
Accuracy  ±0.1mm
Machine weight  8T-12T

Product Feature and Application 

1.Higher Efficiency:The fast cutting pace is twofold occasions higher than ordinary laser cutting machine. 

2.Environment friendly:Laser cutting won't makes any gases for the uncommon cutting innovation

3.Less Consumption:The power utilization is 20%-30% lower than conventional laser cutting machine. 

4. Free Maintenance :For the fiber laser shaper, the reflect focal point are no required. spare a great deal of time when optical way is balanced. The laser source with longer lifetime which no need keep up during use.

Product Details

Steel Pipe Laser Cutter machine,professional model with more force funtion 

Auto-taking care of and programmed transferring, more productive handling 

Quick and excellent cutting ,exceptionally low disappointment rate. 

Higher precision in any sides cutting , The exactness of continued situating arrives at 0.01

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