Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Travel Speed: 120m/min
Laser Power: 1000W to 15000W
Laser Brand: IPG/RAYCUS/MAX.
Cutting Thickness: 0.5mm to 70mm+

Product description

ACME Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is used for cutting steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and other metal materials with higher laser cutting quality, speed, precision and efficiency. Now the fiber laser cutter for sale with affordable price and free fiber laser cutting system service from China professional CNC laser manufacturer.

Fiber laser cutting machine advantages 

1. Excellent beam quality: The focused spot smaller cut lines more sophisticated, higher productivity, better quality and processing. 

2. High cutting speed: 2 times faster than the same power CO2 laser cutting machine. 

3. High stability: Fiber Laser cutter adopts the world's top imported Fiber laser source, stable performance, a key component of up to 100, 000 hours life. 

4. High electro-optical conversion efficiency: Fiber Laser cutting machine is three times higher than the CO2 laser Electrical and optical conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. 

5. Low cost: The whole power consumption of only similar CO2 Laser cutting Machine 20-30%. 

6. Low maintenance cost: No working gas lasers; optical fiber transmission, without reflecting lenses; can save a lot of maintenance costs. 

7. Easy operation and maintenance: Optical transmission, no need to adjust the optical path. 

8. Super flexible light guide effect: Small size, compact structure, easy to flexible processing requirements. 

Technical Data

Machine Model 3015 4020 6025
Cutting Size 3000x1500mm 4000x2000mm 6000x2500mm
Machine Travel Speed 120m/min
Cutting Speed Max. 70m/min based on different material
Laser Power 1000W to 15000W
Cutting Thickness 0.5mm to 70mm+

Package and Shipping

Package Way Wood case, Iron Support, Plastic film protection
Loading Port Qingdao Port, China
Container Use 20GP/40GP/Flat Rack

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