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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Customer Place

Two sets of laser cutting machine arrived at customer factory.

Acme laser, a professional manufacturer for tube laser cutting machine, can meet diverse cutting requirements. We have D,E,S model tube laser cutting machine to satisfy customer's need, and achieve win-win.This read colour is customized according customer's need to show good luck. The machine bed has 6m as standard, 8m, 9m or even 12m we can do it. Chuck diamter 120mm, 170mm, 250mm, 350mm, 500mm can be suitable for all kinds of tubes, for example round, square, elliptical or even special tubes.

Three chuck tube laser cutting machine also is popular with many industries.

Sheet laser cutting machine- we have size 3×1.5m, 4×2m, 6×2m as standard, the maximum size 6×2.5m. open type and full cover can meet all kinds of needs.

In short, ACME LASER is always trustworthy, Best choice of laser cutting machine for metal processing.

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