High efficiency three chucks pneumatic chuck LT6017EG

Product name: LT6017EG
Laser power: 1000W-6000W
Electricity Requirements: 380/50.60 V/Hz
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Chuck diameter: 170mm
Chuck: 3 chucks

Product Introduction

LT-6017EG laser pipe cutting machine is a high-precision laser pipe cutting equipment independently developed by ACME Laser;

The bed is made by cutting and welding steel pipe. The bed, chuck and other main components are independently developed, designed and produced by our company; the beam is made of aviation aluminum casting, and the core components such as servo motor, rack and rail, reducer, and electronic components are all imported products;

The structural parts are processed by high-precision CNC machining centers such as Haas from the United States, Mazak from Japan, Yingyuan from Taiwan, and large gantry milling machine COLGAR from Italy. The equipment is equipped with three types of chucks, which are mainly used for cutting, modeling and blanking of metal pipes. It can cut various metal pipes of any shape with a diameter in the range of 10-170mm. It can be suitable for shelves, massage chairs, lamps, bathroom and other industries.

Product advantages

The main machine is welded with 16-20mm carbon steel plate, strictly heat-treated, and the entire plate is blanked.

The main machine adopts high-performance servo motors.

Supporting material design, cutting can be more stable. Using a large-stroke automatic centering chuck, it can cut any profile.

The screw holes above 4mm in the whole bed are planed and milled by COLGAR large milling machine.

Fully automatic loading and unloading can be customized.

The whole machine adopts an electric timing oiler, which can reduce the loss of equipment due to insufficient lubrication.

Highly recommended

The thin tube has high cutting precision, economical price and powerful performance. The optical fiber CNC pipe cutting machine can be equipped with a fully automatic loading and unloading device, which can process any profile. It is especially suitable for the fine processing of thin tubes. The three-chuck design can reduce the cutting process of thin tubes. In the swing, improve the processing accuracy! The length of the whole machine can be tailor-made according to own needs. Welcome everyone to consult and buy!

Product configuration

Good flexibility, no need to reopen the mold for new product development, which greatly shortens the development time of new products and reduces development costs.

It can perform high-speed and high-quality laser cutting on round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes and other special-shaped tubes.

High speed and high precision, it can realize pipe drilling, cutting, intersecting wire cutting and precision cutting of various special-shaped and complex graphics that are difficult to achieve by conventional processing. After programming on professional pipe nesting software, realize what you see is what you get .

One-time molding, avoiding multiple processing processes such as traditional cutting and grinding, saves costs and improves efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters


Laser power

Cutting tube length




Cutting pipe diameter

Cutting tail material

Y-axis stroke

16-170mm (outer diameter of round tube)



X-axis stroke

Z-axis stroke

X, Y-axis positioning accuracy




X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy

Chuck load

Front chuck load



Square tube, Rectangular tube, round tube, oval tube, flat tube

Floor area

Power of the whole machine

Weight of the whole machine




4 tons

Power supply


Auxiliary gas



Oxygen, nitrogen, air

Maximum feed rate

Control system

Support file format


Professional laser equipment processing system

IGS (available for drawing by PRO/E.UG, solidworks)

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