Laser Cutting Steel Tubes

Brand name: ACME
Certificate: CE, FDA, SGS, ISO
Model Number: LT-0816
Applied Industry: 20-80mm (customizable)

Product Introduction 

Laser cutting steel tubes are used in many applications, from mechanical engineering and system construction to the furniture industry. Model LT-0816 is designed for our Korean customer and has received positive feedback from the market. 

The application of metal laser cutting machine is very extensive, covering many industries, and it is one of the necessary equipment for many companies, including advertising sign production (these are mainly stainless steel LOGO and logo cutting), sheet metal processing (sheet Metal processing basically includes all metal materials.

Technical Parameters 

Brand name ACME
Certificate CE, FDA, SGS, ISO
Model Number LT-0816
Laser output 1,000w - 3,000w
Place of Origin China
Applied Industry 20-80mm (customizable)


Product Qualification

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