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High Performance-price Ratio D Model Tube Cutters


1.Suitable for 16-170mm diameter of any metal pipe

2.Model features

The machine has simple structure, low failure rate, simple operation and easy learning, suitable for batch processing of pipes of the same type.

One machine two function

the equipment is both an intersectiong line cutting machine and a cut-off machine, which can cut various shapes on the steel pipe and cut different sections according to different butt surfaces.


The laser pipe cutting machine is the main machine, which can be equipped with automatic feeding system, three chuck design, according to the actual needs of customers, to get with the best configuration.

Recommendation products


The optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine is equipped with automatic feeding machine, which does not need manual feeding. It's suitable for factory customers with large pipe quantity and infrequent pipe changing. the machine has simple structure, low failure rate and easy operation. the same type of batch processing pipe, compared with the manual loading, it can save about 10 seconds.

Technical parameters

cutting range: length 6000mm, diameter 120mm, maximum speed: 200r/min positioning accuracy of x and y axes: ±0.03mm/m, maximum load of pipe: 1400kg, overall dimension: about 10163×3037×2092mm


The optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine is equipped with 4RPM/S rotation speed, which can cut square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe and other metal pipes at high speed. 3-chuck design: the special design is able to make the thin-wall and small diameter tube stable during cutting to improve the cutting accuracy.