High Precision Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine LT-6020E

Laser Source: China or Imported
Industrial Water Chiller: Hanli, China
Front & Back Chucks: Pneumatic Chucks
Pipe Support: Servo Support

LT-6020E Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 

 Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine factory


Component Configuration / Brand
Laser Source China or Imported
Industrial Water Chiller Hanli, China

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Body & Control Cabinet

Laser Cutting Head
Raytools, Switzerland
(Auto-focus Function and Height Adjust System)
Control System Cypcut, Shanghai
Machine Bed Structure Normal Machine Bed
Front & Back Chucks Pneumatic Chucks
Maximum Diameter for Cutting 230mm
Maximum Pipe Length for Cutting 6350mm
Pipe Material Available for Cutting Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Alloy Steel & Brass/Copper
Pipe Shape Available for Cutting
Pipe Support Servo Support
Pipe Nesting Professional Tubes T Nesting Software(OPTION)
Pipe Feeding Fully Automatic Feeding System from Side(OPTION)
Pipe Unloading Fully Automatic Unloading System from Side(OPTION)
Electrical Parts Schneider, France / CHNT, China
Pneumatical Parts SMC, Japan / AIRTAC, Taiwan
Guiding Rail HIWIN, Taiwan
Rack YYC, Taiwan
Servo Motor & Drive Panasonic, Japan
Reducer Shimpo, Japan
Automatic Oiling Automatic Lubrication System
Red Dot Position Type
Smoke & Dust Extraction Automatic Air Filtration System


Item Service Life (h) Note
Protection Mirror ≥1000 Seller will offer extra 5 pieces for free
Copper Nozzle ≥600 Seller will offer extra 5 pieces for free
Ceramic Ring ≥8000 Seller will offer extra 1 pieces for free


Item LT-6020E

Diameter (mm) Φ20-φ230
Waste Length (mm) 100
Rated Resolution (r/min) 43
Maximum Resolution (r/min) 86

Travel (mm) 500
Travelling Rated Speed (m/min) 15
Travelling Maximum Speed (m/min) 30

Travel (mm) 6450
Travelling Rated Speed (m/min) 45
Travelling Maximum Speed (m/min) 90

Travel (mm) 180
Travelling Rated Speed (m/min) 15
Travelling Maximum Speed (m/min) 30
Transmission X-axis: Ball Screw; Y-axis: Rack; Z-axis: Ball Screw
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/1000mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.02
Minimum Cutting Width (mm) 0.1
Power Supply 380v50Hz ±10%
Auxiliary Cutting Gas Oxygen / Nitrogen / Compressed Air
Supported File Format IGES (*.igs)
(Drawing through PRO/E. UG and SolidWorks)


Item Content Requirement Note

Laser Source

Water Chiller
Other Components
Stability of 3-Phase Power 380V±5%
Instability of 3-Phase Power <2.5%
Earthing <4Ohm
Water Water for Chiller Water should be Deionized Water Change Every 2 Months


Auxiliary Cutting Gas
Vary from processing parameters of the cutting material.
Air Pressure Should Not Less Than 0.8MPA

Temperature Requirements 5-40 Degree Laser source should be put under 25 Degree
Humidity Requirements Less Than 70%

Foundation Requirement

There Should Be No Vibration Source Nearby
If there is a vibration source on site or nearby, the user is required to dig an anti-vibration trench around the foundation.
Workpiece Qualified surface and no rust


Machine Cleaning → Guide Lubricating & Covering → Wrap → Load to Container & Fix → Container Loading → Shipment


A fiber laser cutter concentrates the power of the laser beam on the surface of the work material. The workpiece absorbs energy from the laser source which is converted to heat that melts the material. The introduction of auxiliary gas into the cutting area blows molten metal away from the path.

Depending on the laser source power, fiber laser cutting equipment is able to cut the metal of various thicknesses. The most diverse of material available for cut is stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, aluminum.

Common shape for cutting is flat sheet, round tube, elliptical tube, rectangular tube, channel steel, angle steel, u-steel, square tube, oval tube, triangle tube, d-shaped tube, special-shaped tube and so on.


Control System

Cypcut is exclusively designed for fiber laser cutting machines for metal tube and metal sheet.

Create cutting programs and simple drawings fast and directly at the machine.

Tube Nesting System(OPTION)

Cypcut TubesT Nesting Sofware is the Professional nesting software for all kinds of pipe shapes.

If you cut different patterns in one tube, this software will optimize cutting path automatically, to save your time and tube material.

Free nesting software only supports several tube shapes and your worker has to nest the patterns one by one manually.

Laser Source – IPG or MAX

Laser Cutting Head-Raytools Autofocus

This products have a built-in motor drive unit, which drives the focusing lens through a linear mechanism to change position automatically within 17mm.Customers can set the program to achieve continuous focus that completing the rapid piercing and cutting material with different thickness.

Heavy-Duty Machine Bed

Thickness Welding Steel Plate outside  to ensure long term steady cutting


About Acme


Jinan Acme CNC Equipment Co., Ltd is a complete arrangement supplier for far reaching laser applications, helping customers at home and abroad to process their metal sheets and cylinders quicker and better, when and where required in the most financially savvy way. 

Presented US Hass, Japan Mazak and Taiwan Winner, Acme has set up their own High-Precision CNC Machining Center. Along with Italy COLGAR enormous gantry processing machine, all the center parts of the machines are planned in-house and produced at a serious extent of precision. 

As a client situated endeavor, Acme has sent out the machines to all around the globe with an ideal comprehension of consumer loyalty and giving a persistent commitment to the national economy. As tube laser cutting machine manufacturers in China, we are always provide high quality services to overseas customer.

Top is available to any new joint effort getting a charge out of and considering any new proposition for long time business association. Customer's fulfillment is ensured by Acme proficient after-deals administration strategy and guarantees on everything Acme sells.

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