Highly efficient and cost-effective sheet-and-tube-laser-cutting-machine LP-3015SDT

Laser Source Brand: Raycus
Laser Head Brand: Raytools
Control System Brand: Cypcut
Marketing Type: Hot product

2021 new generation combined fiber laser cutting machine, with both metal sheet and tube cutting functions. After being upgrade, many details are optimized. More stable, more efficient, accurate and intelligent.

The upgraded machine is more responsive and powerful. Quick cutting, making holes, cutting graphics and so on, cutting surface is smoother, no scorched, sticky and sediment. Higher processing efficiency and first-class processing quality.

Thickened machine bed and worktable, no deformation for 20 years, greatly extending the service life of the machine.

The tube cutting part of our combined machine can achieve the same quality and efficiency as the professional laser tube cutting machine, which is superior to any other suppliers.

We adopt square hole design, max. 250mm diameter of round pipe, rectangular pipe, elliptical pipe, Angle steel etc., and 250mm * 250mm square tubes are available. Even some very heavy tubes and pipes can be processed with ease. Tailing short up to 65 mm, can help you save a lot of raw materials.

With a number of core patented technology, our machine can achieve higher processing precision and constant perfect processing quality. Even after five or even ten years, the machine can still maintain high precision processing.
The failure rate is very low. With mature patent technology and 15 years of experience, we achieve perfect combination of pipe cutting and sheet cutting in one machine, making machine operation more stable and smoother.

We pay more attention to every details of the machine, all our core components and accessories are from the world famous brands.

We have professional technical and aftersales teams, 24 hours services for you. We are willing to share with you our 15 years of technical accumulation to make your laser cutting easier and bring you more interesting operating experience.

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