Highly efficient the most popular tube laser cutting machine LT-6020E

Laser Cutting Head: RayTools/Precitec Auto-focus
Fiber Laser Source: IPG/RAYCUS/MAX/nlight
Cutting System: CypCut TubePro Professional Cutting System
Laser Head Automatic Hight Adjust Controller: BCS 100 CypCut

Professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Tube Cutting Length 3M-12M
IPG/RAYCUS/MAX Fiber Laser Source

Auto-focus Laser Cutting Head 

RayTools/Precitec Auto-focus Laser Cutting Head

Perforation speed is one to two times faster than manual focusing. Perforating speed can shorten the cutting time.

Tube Cutting Diameter up to 450mm
Double Pneumatic Auto-centering Chucks 

Double Square Pneumatic Chucks Auto-centering

Can hold tube diameter up to 110/170/240/350/450mm

Support Different Tube Shape and Profiles 

Automatic Tube Feeding System Bring You High Efficiency, Save Time And Labor Cost 

Our tube laser export to 60+ countries all over the world with CE, FDA, SGS, ISO certificate.

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