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Compared with other cutting machine, laser cutting machine has made great progressed and more advantages than others.

Firstly, cost savings

Laser processing does not require molds, mold consumption, and mold repairs; using computer programming, products of different shapes can be cut, which maximizes the utilization of materials; saves processing costs and reduces production costs.

Secondly, high precision

Traditional pipe cutting uses manual methods, so each cut part is different, while the pipe laser cutting machine uses the same cutting system, the processing design is completed by the programming software, and multiple processing steps are completed at a time with high precision.

Thirdly, high efficiency

The tube laser cutting machine can cut several meters of tubes in one minute, which is hundreds of times higher than the traditional manual method, saving a lot of manpower and processing with high efficiency. The tube laser cutting machine can flexibly process any shape that has been programmed with a processing program, and it can complete the cutting in any direction. Acme laser’s intelligent operating system, with its own tube material library, integrates a variety of tube processes; through programming on professional tube nesting software, what you see and what you get is realized; rich cutting functions enable tube opening, cutting, and phase Through-line cutting and precision cutting of various complex graphics of opposite sex that are difficult to achieve by conventional processing, it also has a three-dimensional simulation function, which can be tested on a computer to improve the efficiency of people.

Forthly, batch processing

The standard tube length is 6 meters. The traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping. The tube laser cutting machine can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters long pipes, making batch processing possible.

Fifthly, safety and environmental protection

There is no direct contact between the laser head and the work piece during laser cutting, and there is almost no damage to the laser head. In the laser cutting process, the laser processing waste is less, the noise is low, and it is clean, safe and pollution-free.

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