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Hot popular professional laser tube cutting machine

Recently, two sets  of tube laser were  intalled successfully in customer place with good cutting performance. We customers are  very happy with them. 

Depending on the good quality of our machine get customers trust.

Product advabtages of E model tube laser cutting machine.

1.Suitable for 16-250mm diameter square,round,rectangular, special shapes of pipes;

2. Self- developed pneumatic chuck with full troke,intellient identifica tion and holding of all kinds ofpipes, safe and efficient;

3. ACME cloud system, based on the real time data acquisition of laser cutting equipment, throughindustrial big data analysis, to achieve processing intelligence;

4. Nesting software has the function of three dimensional simulation, it can show cutting process onthe computer, improve artificial efficiency;

5. Servo follow- -up floating support is able to adjust the height in realtime according to the height ofpipe rotation to realize perfect support in the cutting process;

6. Small ailings cutting, the shortest tailings 65mm, saving production Costs;

7. Automatic feeding system and three chucks can be added to machine, according to the actualneeds of customers

 We always bear it in mind, keep the pace, keep the effort, and keep the quality! Whenever you need a tube laser machine, we are here. ACME LASER.