Hot Popular Sheet and Tube Integrated Cutting Machine With Cover

Product name: LP-3015DT250
Size of sheet: 3*1.5m
Laser Power: 1000W-6000W
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Tube Length: 6m
Chuck Diameter : 250mm


1. 2021 new generation combined fiber laser cutting machine, with both metal sheet and tube cutting functions. After being upgrade, many details are optimized. More stable, more efficient, accurate and intelligent.

2.The upgraded machine is more responsive and powerful. Quick cutting, making holes, cutting graphics and so on, cutting surface is smoother, no scorched, sticky and sediment. Higher processing efficiency and first-class processing quality.

3. Sheet and yube laser cutting machine, dual use with one laser head, high efficiency and cost-efficient.

Technical Paremeters


Control System

Cypcut is exclusively designed for fiber laser cutting machines for metal tube and metal sheet.

 Create cutting programs and simple drawings fast and directly at the machine.

Exchanging platform

This can cut metal sheet and feed metal sheet at the same time. It can improve the cutting efficiency.

Heavy Strong Machine Bed

Thick welding steel tube to ensure steady cutting for years

Cast Aluminium Gantry with Dual-drive System

Cast Aluminium beam has high strength which can support long-time steady cutting in high speed.

Maximum 250mm Diameter Pneumatic chuck as front chuck

Automatic clamp the tubes to ensure steady cutting.

Pneumatic chuck as rear chuck.

Cutting Samples

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