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Using laser tube cutting machine , we need to clearly distinguish which kind of metal tubes such as carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy or aluminum alloy tube. Because different materials have different characteristics such as hardness, toughness, density, and high temperature resistance.


The laser has different effects on different metals. The size of laser power varies according to the metal material. For example, with the same thickness, the laser power for cutting carbon steel is smaller than that of stainless steel, and the laser power for cutting stainless steel is lower than brass. Copper power is small. In addition to the nature of the metal itself, the thickness is also closely related to the laser power. For the same metal tube, cutting power of 10mm is lower than cutting 20mm.

How to choose the right power depends on factors such as the type, thickness, and shape of the material to be cut. At present, the mainstream laser pipe cutting machines on the market have many powers ranging from 1000W to 15000W, and most of the pipe thicknesses are between 8mm-12mm. If you cut this thickness for a long time, it is recommended to choose 4000W-6000W laser pipe cutting machines;

If it is brass with high reflection characteristics, it is recommended to use a laser pipe cutting machine with 8000W or higher power;

2000W-4000W laser pipe cutting machine is recommended for thickness between 5mm-8mm;

Usually 1000W with a smaller thickness is sufficient.

It should be noted that if you buy a 6000W laser pipe cutting machine, when cutting materials with a small thickness of about 4mm, you can lower the output magnification and cut it to 2000W, which saves energy and saves electricity and costs.