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At present, the 6020 series tube fiber laser cutting machine produced by our company has made obvious achievements both at home and abroad. So what are the advantages of this model?

1.Chuck: Now 6020 series adopt square chuck, take LT-6020E as an example, the maximum cutting diameter can be achieved 450mm, no longer limited with circular diameter, cutting range increases, cutting accuracy is also increasing.

Moreover, in the process of cutting, the front chuck opens, the back chuck can though, saving the waste of pipe, improving the utilization rate.

2.Servo support: Combined with the bus system, LT-6020E has fast response speed, improved efficiency and stable supporting material. Even the special-shaped pipe can be clamped stably. With the change of pipe type, the former diameter reducing wheel will be partially suspended, so as to improve the cutting accuracy and reduce errors.

3.Automatic feeding: LT-6020E can be configured with automatic feeding and unloading system, which has a high degree of automation and saves labor costs. It can be used for various pipe types.

At present, there are not many manufacturers with this system technology, and the cost performance is also very considerable, And,we focus on laser tube cutting machine research and development and production, providing customers around the world intelligent laser tube processing solutions.