LP-6025D High Power Fiber Laser cutting machine

Model: LP-6025D
Working area: 6000*2500mm(3000*1500mm/4000*2000mm/6000*2000mm )
Laser Source : Max/Raycus/IPG
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

LT-6025D High Power Fiber Laser cutting machine

Description of fiber laser cutting machine 

Fiber laser cutting machine mainly for metal sheet,it can cut stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum,brass ect. The machine power from 1kw-30kw to cut different material and thickness .

And the working area has 3000*1500mm,4000*2000mm,6000*2000mm,6000*2500mm,we are also support special customization according to customers requirements.

The parameter of laser cutting machine:

Cutting samples:

Application industry 

1. The automotive industry. Many corners in the automotive industry, such as car doors, car exhaust pipes, etc., need to be processed after being formed, and some extra corners or burrs need to be processed. Using a laser cutting machine can be used for faster batch processing.

2. Advertising industry. Due to the high customization in the advertising industry, the traditional method is very inefficient. Using a laser cutting machine, no matter how thick the plate is, no matter how many fonts, the laser cutting machine will satisfy you.

3. Kitchenware industry. Now that there are more and more houses, more and more decorations, and more and more kitchenware-related products are in demand, the laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting thin-plate stainless steel, with high speed and high precision, and can realize customized and personalized product development. Manufacturers love it.

4. Sheet metal processing. To put it simply, the application of laser cutting machines is in full swing in this industry for processing a variety of sheets and cutting parts with different graphics.

5. Cabinet industry. Including power distribution cabinets, filing cabinets, etc., are standardized production of thin plates, requiring high efficiency, and can also be double-layered for specific plates.

6. Fitness equipment. Due to the country's emphasis on sports health and the development of personal health concepts. Square fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have gradually developed, and the demand has gradually increased. Basically, it is some pipe cutting, and it is more convenient and fast to use a laser cutting machine.

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