Metal Pipe and Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

Model: LP-4020D
G.W.: 8T
Port: Qingdao
Container Requirement: 40 Foot HQ

Product Introduction 

LP-4020D Metal Pipe & Plate Fiber Laser cutting Machine can cut both pipes and plates. Unlike other combined equipment on the market, this equipment is not only a combined laser plate and pipe dual-purpose machine, but also a separate laser pipe cutting machine and laser cutting plate machine. Later, it can be used according to the usage. Add lasers and other accessories to transform into two devices.

Technical Parameters  

Model LP-4020D
Effective Pipe Cutting Length 6m
Effective Pipe Cutting Diameter Φ16-Φ230mm
Working Area for sheet cutting 4000*2000mm(3000*1500mm, 6000*2000mm option)
X, Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m
X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm/m
X, Y axis max speed 120m/min
X, Y axis max acceleration 1.2 G

Product Features

1. Dedicated software enables graphic or text to be instantly designed or processed. Flexible and easy operation.

2. Plate and tube integrated fiber cutting machine can cut a number of circular pipe intersecting wire holes in different directions and different diameters on the main pipe.

3. Double-sided drive with rack and pinion features high stability, good rigidity and high speed.

Product Details

Pneumatic double chuck. Automatic clamp the tubes to ensure steady cutting.

China Hanli Industrial Water Chiller

With dual-cooling function for laser source, laser head and other key components all get sufficient cooling to ensure smoothly and safe running of the machine.

Strong Bed

The bed is independently developed with overall design. The whole processing of the bed is with imported processing center, which ensures that the guide surface and the rack surface are processed at one time to ensure accuracy.


Model LP-4020D
G.W. 8T
Port Qingdao
Container Requirement 40 Foot HQ
Package Iron support, Anti-rust paint, Plastic film, Foam bumper

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