Metal Tube Cutting Machine With Fully Automatic Feeding System

Product name : LT-6025EH
Cutting length: 6000MM
Laser source: MAX/IPG/Raycus
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Electricity Requirements: 380/50.60 V/Hz
Laser power:1000W-15000W

Product descriptions

LT-6025EH is one machine model with fully automatic feeding system, 250mm diameter chuck has strong bearing capacity 350kg. E model machine has servo floating support for different tubes. Our chuck is pneumatic chuck, which is superior to electrical chucks.

H means the fully automatic feeding system, it can load 6200mm tube length, suitable for closed tubes such as round. square, rectangular tubes. Closed tubes will be better for bundle feeding system. Bundle feeding system can save costs, high efficiency and high pecision.

E model special servo floating support 

Servo floating support can move with tubes needed to be cut, to avoid the shaking of tubes.

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