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Newest Development: LT-6025G Zero Tail Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Newest Development:

 LT-6025G Zero tail laser pipe cutting machine

Product Introduction

LT-6025G 0 tail laser pipe cutting machine. On the basis of the original EG/DG-type ordinary fixed three chucks (AC move, B does not move), it is improved to ABC that can all be moved. Its purpose is to truly realize 0mm tailings, thereby greatly reducing costs. It independently developed by ACME Laser.

The bed is made by cutting and welding steel pipes. The bed, chuck, and other main components are independently developed, designed and produced by our company; the beam is made of aviation aluminum casting, and the core components such as servo motor, rack and pinion, reducer, and electronic components are all imported products.

The structural parts are processed by high-precision CNC machining centers such as Haas from the United States, Mazak from Japan, Yingyuan from Taiwan, and large gantry milling machine COLGAR from Italy. The equipment is equipped with three types of chucks, which are mainly used for cutting, modeling and blanking of metal pipes. It can cut various metal pipes of any shape with a diameter in the range of 10-170mm. It can be suitable for shelves, massage chairs, lamps, bathroom and other industries.