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Product Advantages of Three Chucks Laser Tube Cutting Machine

ACME LASER laser tube cutting machine is widely used in electrical appliances, hardware tools, sanitary tools, instrumentation, automobile and motorcycle accessories, mobile phone communication parts, precision equipment, Medical machinery, IT digital metal casing, advertising signs, models, kitchen utensils and other industries. The design of this machine adopts the ergonomic design principle, the operating cost is low and the maintenance is easy, and the tail-free cutting will become the inevitable trend of the laser tube cutting process.

Our laser tube cutting machine adopts the electric-optical-electric signal transmission mode. There is no connection between the light-emitting part and the light-receiving part, which can effectively prevent the output terminal from interfering with the input terminal, thereby reducing the generation of noise. The response time of the photoelectric coupler is very short, and some can even be less than 0.01μf. It has the advantages of more durability, more reliability and faster speed. The circuit of this kind of tube cutting machine generally chooses the method of photoelectric coupling to isolate the input signal circuit from the single-chip microcomputer.

This machine has great tolerance for the pipe to be cut. It can not only cut pipes of various lengths and thicknesses, but also apply to metal pipes of many different materials and thicknesses, so that more industries can use this machine to reduce costs for their own enterprises, improve work efficiency, and provide various The industry provides more efficient technical support.