Plates and Pipes Laser Cutting Machine

Operating temperature: 0℃-40℃
Cooling: water cooling
Laser Power: 1000W-3000W for option
Driving and Transmission: Imported servo motor and high-precision gear rack

Product Introduction

Acme fiber laser pipe cutting machine LP-3015T is a LP-3015T Plates and pipes laser cutting machine. And LT-3015T is equipped with the most advanced international imported fiber laser source which generates powerful laser focused on objects to cause instant melting and evaporation. Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system. This hi-tech machine has condensed the advanced technologies of fiber laser, digital, and precise mechanics.

Technical Parameters 

Model Type LP-3015T Plates and plpes laser cutting machine
Operating temperature 0℃-40℃
Driving and Transmission Imported servo motor and high-precision gear rack
Cooling water cooling
Laser Power 1000W-3000W for option


1) Light path system and control system is stable and reliable.

2) High performance, imported original fiber laser, stable performance and service life up to 100000 hours.

3) High quality, high efficiency of cutting, the cutting speed can be up to 25 m/min, the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful.

With German ultra precision gear reducer, gear, rack, Japanese guide screw, ensure that the X, Y axis rotation steady and reliable.

Product Details

Dual cutting system for cutting tube and sheet.Save cost and improve performance

Taiwan Hiwin Guide Rail

Optimized lubrication channel design minimizes lubricant consumption Lubricated interface on all sides for easy maintenance Integrated induction, wear-free measuring system with a maximum measuring length of 4m and a resolution of less than 1μm. 


Plasma cutting VS laser cutting

To start with, the laser cutting machine won't harm the workpiece, and the plasma cutting machine on the plate is pretty much harm, particularly in the cutting procedure of the plasma cutting machine cutting weapon cutting spout issues will cause evident deformities on the plate. 

Second, on the grounds that the laser pillar is engaged into an extremely little purpose of light, so the laser cutting machine cut tight, plasma cutting machine than the laser cutting machine cut marginally bigger. 

Third, the laser cutting machine is quick: the cutting rate can arrive at 10m/min, a lot quicker than the plasma cutting machine. 

Fourth, the laser cutting machine cutting surface smooth, no burr, cutting quality is acceptable, no contact cutting, the bleeding edge is minimal influenced by heat, there is essentially no warm distortion of the workpiece, totally dodge the breakdown shaped when the material punching and cutting, by and large needn't bother with auxiliary processing.But the thickness of cutting plate is restricted and the handling cost is high.Plasma cutting machine can cut 6 ~ 40mm steel plate as per distinctive model and force, the preparing cost is moderately low. 

Fifth, high exactness laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine situating precision of 0.05 mm, tedious situating precision of 0.02 mm, yet the workplace request is high, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine machining accuracy isn't better than, however low necessities for the workplace and solid mobility, adjust to a more extensive scope of cutting, aptitudes water quality prerequisites for the faculty moderately lower laser cutting. 

The upsides of laser cutting machine is cutting exactness is higher, quicker, plate distortion is little, appropriate for complex shape parts inventories, yet right now my organization's hardware, cutting thickness is confined, by and large: 8 mm the accompanying sheet, set piece utilizing the laser cutting machine with generally high accuracy blanking, the material expense is higher, to the virtue of the plate additionally to have certain prerequisites. 

The benefits of plasma cutting machine are: wide cutting field, can cut all the metal plate; Fast cutting rate and high efficiency;The accuracy of cutting is higher than that of nc fire cutting, and the exactness of fine plasma slicing is higher.The drawback is to cut thick plates, 

Particularly 20mm steel plate is more troublesome, need a powerful plasma power gracefully, the expense is higher.

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