Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine model: LP-3015S/LP-4020S
Work table: One cutting table open type
Cutting area: 3000x1500mm/4000x2000mm
Other cutting size: Accept customized production


ACME Fiber laser cutting machine use imported fiber laser source to output high energy density laser beam and focus on the surface of the work piece, the area illuminated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the work piece instantly melts and vaporizes, and the spot move by the numerical control mechanical system to achieve automatic cutting. It is a high-tech equipment integrating advanced fiber laser technology, numerical control technology and precision mechanical technology.

Technical Parameter

Machine model LP-3015S/LP-4020S
Work table One cutting table open type
Cutting area 3000x1500mm/4000x2000mm
Other cutting size Accept customized production
Laser power 1000W --15000W
Cutting material thickness 0.5--50mm

Machine characteristic

1. High-unbending nature machine bed, selective high-temperature CNC electric heater standard strengthening process toughening treatment, can guarantee the precision of the machine apparatus is steady for quite a while. 

2.Imported unique bundled fiber laser, great bar quality, stable execution, no reflection focal point, no compelling reason to change the optical way, fundamentally upkeep free, administration life as long as 100,000 hours. 

3. The fiber-optic laser has high electro-optical transformation productivity, with a change effectiveness of 30%, which can incredibly spare force utilization during activity and amazingly low working expenses. 

4. You can structure different illustrations or text to cut in a split second, the activity is straightforward, adaptable and advantageous. 

5. The quality stars on the bleeding edge are smooth and level, and the misshaping is little. 

6. Quick cutting pace, very low running cost, quick rate of return. 

Cutting Material 

Can cut an assortment of metal plates, for the most part reasonable for quick cutting of tempered steel, carbon steel, aroused sheet, electrolytic plate, metal plate, aluminum plate, manganese steel, different amalgam plates, uncommon metals and different materials. 

Cutting SampleApplication area

Tips: Use Air as assistant gas to do laser cut 

Truth be told, the cutting rule of air is like that of nitrogen. It depends on the vitality of the laser to dissolve the metal, and uses high strain to overwhelm the soften. During this period, some metal substances will oxidize or consume, shaping metal oxides on the cut surface. For instance, dim strong Al2O3 (alumina), dark strong Fe3O4 (dark iron oxide) and CuO (copper oxide) are produced. 

The air itself exists in the environment, and it is compacted into an air stockpiling tank by an air blower, and afterward separated, cooled, and dried to eliminate water and oil from the air, and afterward it tends to be utilized. Since the air contains about 21% oxygen, it can compensate for the absence of oxygen and nitrogen to a limited degree. In principle, air can cut all metal materials that can be softened by laser vitality. 

Air gas contrast and Nitrogen 

Contrasted and nitrogen cutting, the air cutting area is hazier, yet doesn't slag, subsequent to cleaning, the segment can likewise accomplish a more splendid impact. As far as speed, air cutting hardened steel is marginally quicker than nitrogen, yet the focal points are not self-evident. 

Exhaustive thought, on account of moderately free necessities, we can pick air reducing with more noteworthy expense preferences. Moderately, the joined utilization of air as a cutting assistant gas is likewise an approach to enormously lessen creation costs. 

Nonetheless, it ought to be noticed that the utilization of air cutting must guarantee that the air is sifted by the chilly dryer, and the air blower and cold dryer need standard upkeep. On the off chance that the air entering the cutting head contains water and oil, it will dirty the gas pipeline in a brief timeframe, causing hazing of the defensive focal point, which will influence the cutting quality. Moreover, if the defensive focal point isn't supplanted in time, the interior temperature of the cutting head may increment under the light of the powerful pillar, which may make harm the inward focal point gathering. 

In the creation cycle, just thinking about the mix of cutting proficiency, reducing expense and cutting impact would we be able to locate the most financially savvy cutting arrangement that is generally reasonable for the current cutting needs and bring us better quality creation!

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