Side hanging 3 chuck machine Special for Big and Heavy Tube Model LT-6038GCA

Product name: LT-6038GCA
Chuck diameter: 380mm
Tube length : 6m+6m
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Machine features 

1.Strong tolerance, suitable for various shapes of metal pipes, especially heavy pipes;

2. Aircraft cellular wall-mounted heavy-duty bed;

3. 380 heavy-duty smart chuck, super clamping;

4. Follow-up servo support, accurate positioning;

5. Three-card linkage with real zero tailing;

6. Intelligent operating system, rich cutting functions;

Machine body

ACME LT-6038GCA adopts side-mounted aircraft honeycomb bed, coaxial processing, high precision, good performance and strong bearing capacity. 

The bed used in the company's products is independently developed and processed as a whole. It is welded with high-quality raw materials, and undergoes stress relief annealing for rough machining, secondary vibration aging treatment, and large-scale gantry milling machine precision machining. 

Ensure that the guide rail surface and the rack surface are processed and formed at one time to ensure accuracy. These design and processing methods ensure that the machine tool has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability, good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and high processing speed.


1. Square hole design, stronger passing ability;

2. The clamping force can be adjusted intelligently, which is suitable for different kinds of pipe processing requirements;

3. Full-stroke clamping range, no manual adjustment required; using eight-cylinder structure, the clamping force is twice that of ordinary chucks;

4. Precision grinding gear transmission, stronger power and higher efficiency;

5. High dustproof level and stronger stability

6. The lengthened design of the rear chuck can deeply pass through the front chuck to achieve "zero tailing" cutting in the case of two chucks.

Special techonogy

Dual Y-axis cutting technology: Top Laser is the first country in China to launch dual-Y-axis laser processing technology, which is applied to the intelligent cutting of medium and heavy metal pipes. Compared with the existing laser processing methods, it has higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and higher precision

Performance advantage: The dual Y-axis processing technology independently developed by ACME Laser increases the processing speed without waiting for the frequent reciprocating movement of the rear chuck during the working process;

Cutting samples


For this machine model, we can customize according to your special cutting requirements. For example, tube length is optional 6m, 9m and 12m

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