Steel Tube Laser Cutter

Name: ACME
Laser output: 1000w-4000w
Model: LT-6020D
Place of Origin: China

Product Introduction 

Acme provides high-quality CNC laser tube cutting machine products. One of significant highlights of Acme steel tube laser shaper is that it can perform "preparing that is impossible with molds". Perfect for clients who need a complex molded item. What's more, since no shape is required, it is conceivable to deftly adapt to changes in particulars and the preparing of every now and again fabricated parts, just as different creation volumes from little parcels to enormous parcels.

During the cutting process of the laser cutting machine, the beam is focused by the lens of the cutting head into a small focal point, so that the focal point can reach a high power density, and the cutting head is fixed on the z-axis. At this time, the heat input by the beam far exceeds the part of the heat reflected, conducted or diffused by the material, and the material is quickly heated to the melting and vaporization temperature. At the same time, a high-speed airflow will melt from the coaxial or non-coaxial side. And the vaporized material is blown out to form holes for cutting the material. With the relative movement of the focus and the material, the hole forms a continuous slit with a very narrow width to complete the cutting of the material.

China Steel tube laser cutter

Acme provides high-quality products. A major feature of the Acme steel tube laser machine is that it can perform "machining that cannot be done with a mold."Suitable for customers who need products with complex shapes. In addition, because mold is not required, it can be flexible to cope with changes in specifications, the processing of frequently manufactured parts, and a variety of output from small batch to large batch.

Technical Parameters

Property Data
Brand Name ACME
Certificate CE, FDA, SGS, ISO
Model Number LT-6020D
Laser Output 1000w-4000w
Place of Origin China
Pipe Diameter 20-220mm

Product Features

 The light path system and control system of tube laser cutter

Stability and reliability of light path system and control system

Imported original fiber lasers, high and stable function, lifespan is over 100000 hours.

automatic separation of finished products

Automatic unloading: automatic separation of finished products and waste products

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