Three-Chuck Zero tailings Metal Tube CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Source Brand: Raycus/MAX/IPG
Laser type: Fiber Laser
Laser head: Raytools/Precitec
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

China Fscut TubesT Tube Nesting System

Smart nesting

TubesT supports single-part or multi-part nesting, saving materials as much as possible.

Special coedge

TubesT can co-edge the parts after the weld seam compensation, and can also perform island co-edge treatment on the same part or different parts to achieve the ultimate co-edge, reduce the number of cuts as much as possible, save time and money.

Drawing processing

In view of the more common problems in pipe cutting, such as the requirements of perforation accuracy and the anti-interference of pipe splicing, TubesT has a variety of graphic processes for users to process. Simple and flexible processing methods allow users to greatly shorten the drawing processing time.

Automatic sorting

All pipes (including special-shaped pipes) can realize automatic sorting of the moving path; for common rectangular pipes and round pipes, two automatic sorting strategies of sorting by surface and sorting by circle are provided to achieve a more reasonable processing path.

Special steel processing

It supports tool path extraction and editing of special steel such as angle steel, channel steel, and I-beam, and can realize the common edge nesting of special steel, which greatly expands the processing capacity of pipe cutting equipment.

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