Three chucks cutting machine more efficient high precision

Product name : LT-6025G
Chuck diameter: 250mm
Cutting length: 6m
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Product advantages:

1. It can perform high-speed and high-quality laser cutting on round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, elliptical tubes and other special-shaped tube profiles.

2. Fast speed and high precision, which can realize pipe drilling, cutting, intersecting line cutting and precision cutting of various special-shaped and complex graphics that are difficult to achieve by conventional processing. After programming on professional pipe nesting software, what you can see is realized Get it.

3. The surface is smooth, without burrs, and does not require secondary processing, which greatly improves production efficiency.

4. High photoelectric conversion rate, energy saving and environmental protection, and low cost.

Product configuration:

1. The self-developed eight-cylinder full-stroke chuck and three-chuck design make the long and thin tubes more stable during the cutting process, and perform high-speed and high-precision laser cutting.

2. It can process round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, oval pipes and other special-shaped pipes.

3. Three-card linkage, realizing true "0" tail cutting.

4. The self-developed bed has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability, and will not deform for decades.

5. Servo support design makes cutting more stable.

7. Equipped with an electric timing oiler, which can reduce equipment loss caused by untimely lubrication.

Highly recommended:

The optical fiber CNC tube cutting machine is economical and affordable, with strong performance, suitable for fine cutting and processing of long tubes of various tube types from 10-250mm. Welcome to consult and purchase.

Product Specifications:

Model/Model: LT-6025G

Cutting pipe diameter: 10-250mm (outer diameter of round pipe)

X-axis travel: 500mm

Z-axis travel: 360mm

Y-axis travel: 6000+200mm

X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.03/1000mm

Chuck diameter: 120mm 170mm 250mm 350mm

Chuck bearing capacity: 300kg 450kg 600kg 1t

Power supply: 380v50Hz±10%

Laser power: 1000W-15000W

Load-bearing capacity of chuck: 350KG

Machine power: 20KW

Control system: professional laser processing system

Auxiliary gas: oxygen, nitrogen, air

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