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01 Lubricate regularly

Lubricant is applied to the chuck regularly to ensure that the chuck can still have a higher accuracy when it is moving. It should be noted that incorrect lubrication methods may cause the pneumatic chuck to not work normally at low air pressure, weaken the clamping force, poor clamping accuracy, abnormal wear or jam, so we need to apply lubricating oil regularly and correctly.

02 Use molybdenum disulfide grease

Using molybdenum disulfide grease (black in color), drive the grease into the chuck nozzle until the grease overflows the jaw surface or the inner hole of the chuck. If the chuck is used at a high frequency for a long time, or a large amount of oxygen is used for processing, more lubrication is required, and the frequency of lubrication must be increased according to the specific situation.

03 Specific chuck clamping processing

Special work pieces or non-standard work pieces need to be clamped and processed with a specific chuck. The standard laser tube cutting chuck is suitable for symmetrical closed tubes. If you barely clamp irregular work pieces, the chuck will be abnormal; if the air supply pressure of the chuck is too high, the chuck will work under high pressure, which will reduce The service life of the chuck has problems such as excessive chuck clearance.

04 Clean regularly

After the machine has been used for a period of time, a high-pressure air gun needs to be used to deal with the dust and residue at the chuck itself and the slideway. It is recommended to clean the chuck jaws every 3-6 months to keep the surface clean and provide lubrication. Check all parts for cracks and wear, and replace them when they are severely worn.

05 Prevent the chuck from rusting

Rusting of the chuck will reduce the clamping force and fail to clamp the work piece, which will seriously affect the production accuracy and efficiency. The use of anti-rust oil can prevent the exposed metal of the chuck from rusting.