Working Area 3000*1500mm Easy Operation For Metal Sheets

Product name: LP-3015D
Size of Sheet: 3000*1500mm
Laser power: 1000-15000W
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Cutting materials:stainless steel mild steel aluminum brass or other mentals

ACME  Laser Exchange Platform LP3015D

The LP3015D laser cutting machine is independently researched and developed by Dingdian Laser. It has a simple and compact structure. The control cabinet and the bed have a separate design, and the large touch screen split display can monitor the production and processing process of the equipment. The beam is made of aviation aluminum casting, and the core components such as servo motor, rack and pinion, reducer, and electronic components are all imported products. The structural parts are processed by high-precision CNC machining centers such as Haas from the United States, Mazak from Japan, Yingyuan from Taiwan, and COLGAR from Italy.

Introduction to the configuration of this laser metal cutting machine:

1. The bed is strictly heat-treated.

2. The host adopts all the Japanese Yaskawa motors, a total of 4 servo motors.

3. Interactive cutting table, fast exchange speed, higher cutting efficiency.

4. The screw holes above 4mm in the whole bed are planed and milled by COLGAR large milling machine.

5. The whole machine adopts electric timing oiler, which can reduce the loss of equipment caused by insufficient lubrication.

Advantages of this laser metal cutting machine:

1. Good flexibility, no need to reopen the mold for new product development, which greatly shortens the development time of new products and reduces development costs.

2. It can perform high-speed and high-quality laser cutting on carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials.

3. Fast speed and high precision, realizing what you see is what you get.

4. One-time molding, avoiding multiple processing processes such as cutting and grinding in traditional processing, saving costs and improving efficiency.

Advantages: economical price, strong performance, suitable for enterprises with large demand for fiber laser cutting to choose to buy.

Processing area(L×W) 3000mm×1500mm

Laser power 1000W-15000W

X axis travel 1520mm

Y axis travel 3020mm

Z axis travel 300mm

X, Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m

X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm/m

X, Y axis maximum speed 120m/min

X, Y axis maximum acceleration 1.2G

Maximum load of working platform 2000Kg

CNC system Baichu system

Voltage/power 380V/50HZ / 10KW

Overall dimensions (length×width×height) About 7200mm×3000mm×2200mm

Cutting sample

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